KYK Generation II Alkaline Water Ionizer

KYK Generation II Alkaline Water Ionizer


The KYK Generation II Alkaline Water Ionizer is a smart and advanced system that generates high-quality Alkaline Ionized Water to provide relief of chronic stomach problems and better health.

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• One-touch operating system with advanced sensors
• Large LCD screen and ORP and pH level indicated in 7 different colors
• Patented high-performance electrolytic cell with platinum coated titanium electrodes with 99.99% purity
• Self-diagnosis error-indicating system
• Alkaline ionized water generator with 2 filters for water purification and improved water taste
• Certified as Good Design for its modern design that looks stylish anywhere
• Automatic post-operation cleaning and drainage system for enhanced convenience and safety
• SMPS for power control system

Product: Alkaline water ionizer
Model: Generation ll
Size: 13.39″(W) X 13.39″(H) X 5.91″(D)
Weight: 13.23 lbs
Controlling Method: Touch sensor
Standard Voltage and Frequency: 220V AC / 60Hz
Output Capacity: 2 liters per minute
Electrolysis Ability: Alkaline water ionizer

KYK provides the most important human values, health, beauty, and happiness, by revitalization of the body and soul through boosting the immune system and naturopathy. As concerns on health and well-being are increasing, the health industry is rapidly growing and developing. By producing competitive products in domestic and foreign markets, KYK promotes sustainable growth of the water industry and promotes job creation, devoting to development of national economy.

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