Infinite Rose Waldorf

Infinite Rose Waldorf


Infinite Roses® are real roses, that last up to a year, without any water. They cannot be told apart from their fresh-cut counterparts. Infinite Rose Waldorf is both stylish and elegant! With seal-able lid and satin handle they not only look beautiful, but travel perfectly.

Baby BlueBaby Blue
Cherry BlossomCherry Blossom
Deep OrangeDeep Orange
Fluorescent GreenFluorescent Green
Hot PinkHot Pink
Pale PinkPale Pink
Royal BlueRoyal Blue
Tiffany BlueTiffany Blue
Large (24cm H x 24cm W)
Medium (21.5cm H x 21.5cm W)
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Roses in a Stylish Presentation Box

The newest addition to the OnlyRoses family, named after the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel, is inspired by luxury fashion houses and the must-have accessories we can’t go anywhere without.

Infinite Rose Waldorf is both stylish and elegant! With seal-able lid and satin handle they not only look beautiful, but travel perfectly.

Available in two sizes, Medium and Large. This arrangement is also available in all our Infinite Rose® colours.

The dimensions for the Infinite Rose Waldorf are 8″ x 8″ x 8″ (L x W x H)

Q: What is the difference between ClassicRoses and InfiniteRoses?
A: ClassicRoses are our fresh roses and InfiniteRoses are our long lasting preserved roses. Full definitions of these can be found here.

Q: How long can I keep my roses in their wrapping?
A: A single stem rose can stay wrapped for up to 24 hours. Larger bouquets will need to have their packaging removed and be placed in fresh water and a vase within a few hours or as soon as possible.

Q: Can I add water to fresh arrangements that arrive in boxes or vases?
A: Yes, however some arrangements will need to be watered from the top, such as Manhattan Boutique, Classic Boutique or the Classic Boulevard. Please note, due to the size of some boxed products they can not hold a lot of water. If damage is caused to the product during watering OnlyRoses will not be liable to exchange or refund it.

Q: Should I water my InfiniteRose?
A: InfiniteRoses do not require water and thus should not be watered, under any circumstances, as this will cause damage to your product. To get the most out of your InfiniteRose please ensure that you always follow our rose care guide.

Q: How do I keep my roses fresh?
A: The best way to ensure your roses stay fresh is to follow our full care tips.

Q: How long will my roses last?
A: The lifespan of roses can depend on many factors, where they are kept, the climate, and how you look after them are but a few examples. As a general rule our ClassicRoses should last up to 5 days and our InfiniteRoses should last up to a year, providing our care tips are followed. Should you have further queries regarding your rose life span please contact your nearest store directly.

OnlyRoses is a high-end gifting and decorative interiors brand, established over a decade ago in London, offering innovation with its signature design elements and authentic luxury experience.

OnlyRoses offers unique arrangements made with the finest fresh roses, and are the best known for their Infinite Roses – real roses that last a year without water. OnlyRoses’ exceptional collection of luxurious gifts is the ultimate gesture of appreciation and lasting impressions. The brand operates luxury retail stores and e-commerce in six countries and orders can be placed online, by phone, or at one of their store locations.

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